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Executive Presence

General Patton had it. So did Jack Welch. Steve Jobs did, too. Were they born with a gift or did they learn it? We’re talking about executive presence, the ability to speak with confidence, engage the audience and inspire others to action. Our most popular program.


Keynote Speakers

Events are made memorable by keynote speakers. Give people something to remember—and talk about—with Black Sheep’s keynoters and authors of Release Your BS: Jeff Black, Kimberly Faith Madden and Carol Hamilton. Choose an existing topic or start from scratch. Either way, Black Sheep will entertain and engage you!


Black Sheep Buzz

I’ve worked with Jeff Black for more than a decade, and I am always glad that I asked for help or brought him in to help others. He is a great coach.

Chip Blankenship, President & CEO, GE Appliances


From Jeff’s Desk: The Power of Social

My staff at Black Sheep has been on me about staying relevant with social media.  I’m not writing this blog while kicking and screaming . . . . , well, not much anyway. Kim Madden, a Senior Consultant indirectly proved the point home to me with a recent client of mine – a community hospital […]

December 2, 2014 by SarahC in News, The BlackSheep Blog | Comments (0) |

Power & Influence: Do You Have It?

Power. A five-letter word with big ramifications. A word full of possibility and hope. An idea so bold it can propel us to do great things. It is also a word many find intimidating. Some find fearful. Surely it describes someone else. Who me . . . powerful? The sheer notion of the concept forces us to look in the mirror and ask ourselves, are we willing to embrace it?

June 14, 2014 by Kimberly Faith Madden in The BlackSheep Blog | Comments (0) |

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